The terrible twos? Not for me 🥰

Let's face it. Toddlers are one of the most unpredictable and sometimes most difficult subjects to photograph. Honestly though, I love photographing them and I wanted to share with you my 3 reasons why...

They give you cheesy smiles 😬

You know you love it! We don't want the cheesy smiles but let's face it, it's part of this phase. When you look back at your memories, you are going to be happy those forced smiles were captured.

toddler with a cheesy smile in front of balloon garland
toddler with cheesy smile eating ruffles on beach set
little boy tiding traing fake smiling
little girl smiling with ocean behind her
little boy smiling in front of mint christmas tree
little boy forcing smile in valentine's set
They give you the best candids 😏

It's no secret toddlers have BIG emotions and roll to the beat of their own drum. Yes, it can sometimes be frustrating when trying to get them to cooperate during a photo session, but the end product is also so amazing and candid, really capturing the essence of this phase of childhood.

little boy with bucket over head
little girl in pink dress sucking her thumb
little girl with sunglasses throwing a beach ball
little boy in conductor outfit with a sad puppy dog face
toddler boy lifting shirt looking at belly button
little girl mad during christmas session
3 year old making funny face during mickey mouse clubhouse setup
when they do laugh, they reeeeeaAAlllLLLy laugh 😂

Getting toddlers to smile is a WORKOUT! If you've ever done a photo shoot with one you know just how much physical labor goes into it. However, when something works and they do laugh, it's the absolute BEST.

little boy hysterical laughing
little girl laughing on beach ball
little girl in pink dress laughing
siblings hugging and laughing in park
little boy smiling on pink ottoman
little boy in two fast setup riding a car

Parents, embrace the chaos. Give in to the unexpected and just live for the moment. This is your life right now and that's OK.

While we all want beautiful photos, let's try and remember that the true purpose of photos is to capture a moment in time and this is your moments look like now.

I promise capturing these memories WILL be worth it.