Hello! I am Cary Diaz.

I am the face behind Cary Diaz Photography. I am also a crazy busy, but very blessed mom of 3 beautiful children and the wife of an amazing man, who pushed me to start this little "dream" of mine. He also tolerates my endless daily babbles and late nights drinking coffee and editing.

If I'm not shooting some incredible people or editing late at night, you can usually find me picking up Starbucks, dropping off or picking up one of my little monsters, visiting Disney, on my iPhone, shopping for a new bag or makeup or finding any excuse to go to Target and spending far more than I should!

Want to know more? You sure? 😏 Here we go...

I have this really weird string and jewelry phobia (I know, it's really strange). I hate bananas, love soda, wear glasses (99% of the time), & LOVE cheese. I can touch my tongue to my nose. There is a 12 year gap between my brother and I (I'm the baby). I have read the Twilight books 4 times, yet I don't read much otherwise, and I watch too many reality TV shows. I spent 10 years in college studying to be a doctor, pharmacist, advertiser, teacher, and english major (I may be forgetting one) only to find out that my true passion was photography.