At Cary Diaz Photography, we specialize in documenting the significance and beauty of this milestone in your child's spiritual journey. From solemn ceremonies to joy-filled celebrations, each photograph reflects the depth of faith and the love surrounding this special occasion. These sacred moments are captured with reverence and grace.

Our portfolio showcases the innocence of childhood, the solemnity of the sacrament, and the bond of family and community. Whether it's a traditional church service, a heartfelt prayer, or a joyous gathering with loved ones, we ensure that every image honors the significance of the occasion and the spiritual growth of your child.

Explore our portfolio and let us help you preserve the memories of this sacred day.

girl looking at sun
communion girl looking at flowers
girl looking at her dress in the spanish monastery
studio photo of communion girl and flowers
girl praying outside near flowers
communion girl praying
boy looking up at sky
classic and white communion girl smiling and praying
black and white communion girl reading the bible
communion girl leaning at plymouth congregational church

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