It's been a while! I am happy to introduce my new blog which seamlessly works with my website. YAY! I use to LOVE blogging. I feel like my website only highlights very few key moments from a session but with blogging, I can really share a larger piece of the whole story. I wanted to kick off my new blog with a colorful and fun session and what is more colorful than a luah?

When these babies' mommy emailed me with her initial email, she mentioned the theme she wanted for her twins' session. I was secretly praying she would book this session because I was SO excited for this theme. She finally sent me the official " I want to book" email and I did a little happy dance. The icing on the cake was just how insanely adorable Camila & Dominic were.

Dominic is a ham and smiled from the moment he walked through the door. Camila made sure to observe and take it all in before cracking a smile or even being comfortable with the whole picture taking situation. Once mommy put on some of her favorite dance jams, she really started to smile and shake it for me.

Camila and Dominic also REALLY enjoyed playing and eating their cakes made by The Sweet House Desserts. There were times that their own cakes were the focus, but every now and then, they took a peek next to them to scope out if the other's was slightly better.

I hope you all enjoy these as much as I did!