Allow me to capture your memories...

Welcome! I am Cary Diaz and I genuinely LOVE what I do. I experience so many great memories with so many amazing people, and I have so much fun doing it. Pictures are EXTREMELY important to me. My children's photos are my most prized possesions. When they are more grown up than I ever want them to be, I want to remember their incredible smiles and their oh-so-adorable faces. I treat every one of my clients with the upmost priority, because I know how important the pictures I take are for you.

Clients search for their perfect photographer. That perfect fit is so important not just for the client but for the photographer as well. I want to fall in love with each of my clients, their families and their stories. I want to capture that couple that can't stop laughing and can't keep their hands off of each other, the mischievous child that laughs that slightly evil belly laugh when he or she is caught doing something he or she shouldn't be doing, but gives the warmest hugs to mom and dad, and the excitement of a teenager reaching a birthday or graduation milestone, and his or her emotional parents not quite ready for the unavoidable but bright future.

My love for photography began many years ago while I shadowed my father who was a professional photographer during the film era. I couldn't stop noticing how happy and timeless the children and couples he photographed were. He was capturing mini pieces of their history and his clients were forever grateful. He truly inspired me to capture life's most memorable moments, telling a story with each shot by emphasizing that momentary glance, not missing an intoxicating smile, and sharing in all laughs. I embarked on this crazy journey in 2010 a few months after my son was born. He inspired me to be a better person and accomplish things I never thought possible.

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“A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people.”



“She is so professional and fun at the same time! I truly don’t know how on earth she was able to photograph my super hyper toddler at the beach but the photos just came out beautiful! She also photographed my baby boy. It truly takes years of expertise to place a demanding newborn in a bucket. He was super calm and I’m always blown away! Thank you for all these beautifully captured memories!”